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I am excited to launch my newest program - 

The Neurobiomechancis of Authenticity, Vitality, Well-Being, Belonging, and Peak-Engagement

Goal of the workshop:  Participants will learn practical ways to apply the foundations of neurobiomechanics to achieve the five pillars of a fulfilled life: authenticity, vitality, wellness, belonging, and peak levels of engagement.

Broad overview: 

If you're like the rest of us, you've established many goals in the past, but have not been able to bust through what scientists refer to as the "default human ceiling."  This is a dynamic, five-week workshop (also available in a three session, three-hour format for workplaces or groups) that uses cutting edge research on human neurobiomechanics to assist participants in achieving the five pillars of a fulfilled life: authenticity, vitality, wellness, belonging, and peak levels of engagement. Understanding how the human body and brain work accomplishes four primary goals: (1) to achieve permanent and meaningful change by altering our core mental representations, (2) to demystify our everyday experiences, (3) to gain a little distance from ourselves and the wisdom that is inherent in this me/experience separation, and (4) to avoid the trappings of common sense, but ineffective strategies that lead to temporary change, frustration, and failure. This approach is easy to understand, simple to apply, and able to be integrated into participants’ current approaches to well-being (e.g., mindfulness, yoga, meditation, motivational practice, sports psychology). The workshop integrates cutting edge research from diverse fields such as behavioral economics, psychology, neuroscience, neurophysiology, and sports psychology to enable participants to experience higher levels of productivity and joy as well as deeper and more fulfilling relationships. We will laugh, learn, inspire, and grow as we move towards a life of authenticity, vitality, wellness, belonging, and peak-performance. 

Who should attend: 

  • Anyone seeking to achieve the five pillars of a fulfilled life: authenticity, vitality, wellness, belonging, and peak levels of engagement
  • Anyone seeking to understand the hows and whys of their everyday life
  • Anyone seeking to reach a higher level of performance and/or a more consistent effort towards achieving a higher level of performance
  • Individuals from any field including artists, musicians, competitive/elite athletes, entrepreneurs, clinicians, administrators, etc.
  • This is not a therapy group, but may be used as an adjunct to therapy

Stay tuned for dates and locations of the workshops.